Nazi Propaganda Films: A History and Filmography

Nazi Propaganda Films: A History and Filmography

FichaTextoEditorial McFarland

FichaTextoPaginas 287

FichaTextoAno 2003

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1: "Martyrs" of the Nazi Movement
2: Triumph of the Will: The Odd Case of Leni Riefenstahl
3. The Eternal Forest: Blood, Soil, and Euthanasia
4. Hitler Youth: Soldiers for the Führer
5. The German Film Academy
6. Baptism of Fire: Nazi Germany at War
7. Surrounded by Enemies
8. The Eternal Jew: Anti-Semitic Films
9. The Great King
10. Black-Out: The Home Front, or, "That´s Not the End of the World"
11. Götterdämmerung: Kolberg and the Fall of the Third Reich
Appendix: A Who´s Who of Hitler Era Filmmaking