We Will Not Be Silenced. The Academic Repression of Israel´s Crit

We Will Not Be Silenced. The Academic Repression of Israel´s Crit

Editorial: Pluto Press

Páginas: 222

Año: 2017

EAN: 9780745399461

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This book is a collection of first-hand testimonials by scholars and students in the United States who have been targeted for persecution by the Israel lobby over the content of their teaching, scholarship and activism with regards to the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the Palestinian freedom struggle. As criticism continues to mount over Israel´s violation of Palestinian human rights and of international law, campaigns to silence and repress those who speak out against Israeli apartheid and US complicity have grown alarmingly. College and university campuses across the United States now find themselves at the centre stage of this conflict over free speech: scholars have been turned away from jobs, denied tenure and promotion, rejected for funding, and expelled from institutions, while student organisations have faced harassment and sanctions. We Will Not Be Silenced contains thirteen testimonials from scholars and students from a variety of backgrounds, whose struggle to defend their academic freedom and free speech has garnered widespread public and international attention.