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Gouwens, Kenneth (ed)

The Italian Renaissance. The essential sources

  • Editorial: Basil Blackwell
  • Páginas: 295
  • Año: 2004
  • Precio: 9.00 €
  • EAN: 9780631231653

Thirteen of the most important critical essays on the Italian Renaissance are brought together in this volume. Designed to introduce readers to both recent and classical interpretations, the collection provides an ideal starting point for study of this period. Topics covered include the structures of power, urban life and values, gender, family and society, the power of knowledge, and patronage and art. Taken together, the readings illuminate the origins, course and outcome of the Italian Renaissance. Editorial introductions and annotations to each essay provide a helpful framework for students engaging with critical aspects of the subject for the first time. An overall introduction discusses the themes and approaches that have dominated the recent historiography of the Renaissance, as well as the debates about how to define the Renaissance and its relationship to Italy; while an epilogue looks at the different approaches to the "end" of the Renaissance.
Contents: Part I: Introduction.Part II: Was there a Renaissance State?Part III: Urban Life and Values.Part IV: Gender and Society.Part V: The Power of Knowledge.Part VI: Patronage, Art and Culture.

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