A Companion to the Roman Empire : 44 BC-AD 337

A Companion to the Roman Empire : 44 BC-AD 337

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Año: 2007

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New discoveries constantly make us rethink what we know about Roman history. "A Companion to the Roman Empire" keeps students and professional historians up to date with these developments, but also demonstrates to a wider audience why the Roman Empire remains a compelling and vibrant subject. It provides readers with a guide both to Roman imperial history and to the field of Roman studies. All the individual contributors to this volume all make significant new contributions to the areas about which they are writing. Topics range from intellectual and social issues, to administrative, economic, and cultural history, and each chapter provides readers with a survey of the subject. The volume also includes a discussion of sources and methods for studying Roman imperial history
Contents: List of Illustrations List of Tables Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements Reference Works: Abbreviations Ancient Authors: Abbreviations and Glossary The Emperors of Rome from Augustus to Constantine Introduction: The shape of Roman history: David Potter Part I: The Sources: 1. Constructing a Narrative: Cynthia Damon (Amherst College) 2. Roman Imperial Numismatics: William E. Metcalf (Yale University) 3. Documents: Traianos Gagos (University of Michigan) and David Potter (University of Michigan) 4. Art, Architecture, and Archaeology in the Roman Empire: Lea Stirling (University of Manitoba) 5. Interdisciplinary Approaches: James B. Rives (York University, Ontario) Part II: Narrative: 6. The Emergence of Monarchy: 44 BCE-96 CE: Greg Rowe (University of Victoria) 7. Rome the Superpower: 96-235 CE: Michael Peachin (New York University) 8. The Transformation of the Empire 235-337 CE: David Potter (University of Michigan) Part III: Administration: 9. The Administration of the Provinces: Clifford Ando (University of Southern California) 10. The Transformation of Government under Diocletian and Constantine: Hugh Elton (British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara) 11. The Roman Army: Nigel Pollard (University of Wales, Swansea) 12. Greek Cities Under Roman Rule: Maud Gleason (Stanford University) 13. Cities and Urban life in the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire: 30 BCE-250 CE: Jonathan Edmondson (York University, Ontario) Part IV: Social and Economic Life: 14. The Imperial Economy: David Mattingly (University of Leicester) 15 Landlords and Tenants: Dennis P. Kehoe (Tulane University) 16. The Family: Judith Evans Grubbs (Washington University, St Louis) 17. Sexuality in the Roman Empire: Amy Richlin (UCLA) 18. On Food and the Body: Veronika Grimm (Yale University) 19. Leisure: Garrett G. Fagan (Penn State University) 20. Spectacle: David Potter (University of Michigan) Part V: Intellectual Life: 21. The Construction of the Past in the Roman Empire: Rowland Smith (University of Newcastle upon Tyne) 22. Imperial Poetry: K. Sara Myers (University of Virginia) 23. Greek Fiction: Joseph L. Rife (Macalester College) 24. Roman Law and Roman History: John Matthews (Yale University) 25. Roman Medicine: Ann Hanson (Yale University) 26. Philosophy in the Roman Empire: Sara Ahbel-Rappe (University of Michigan) Part VI: Religion: 27. Traditional Cult: David Frankfurter (University of New Hampshire) 28. Jews and Judaism, 70-429 CE: Yaron Z. Eliav (University of Michigan) 29. Christians in the Roman Empire in the First Three Centuries CE: Paulla Fredriksen (Boston University) 30. Christian Thought: Mark Edwards (Christ Church, University of Oxford) Bibliography Index