Lange, Marc

An introduction to the philosophy of physics

  • Editorial: Basil Blackwell
  • Páginas: 320
  • Año: 2002
  • Precio: 35.10 €
  • EAN: 9780631225010

Locality, fields, energy and mass
This work combines physics, history, and philosophy in a radical new approach to introducing the philosophy of physics. Accessible to readers with little background in physics or philosophy, the book allows the reader to wrestle with the metaphysical and conceptual problems that drove innovation in physics, from 19th-century electromagnetic field theory through relativity and quantum mechanics.Among the topics treated are action at a distance, the reality of electric fields, energy´s character as "stuff" flowing through space, and the meaning of E=mc2. The book´s non-technical style makes it ideal for those who want to go beyond the equations and discover what physics reveals about reality.
Contents: 1. What Is Spatiotemporal Locality? 2. Fields to the Rescue? 3. Dispositions and Causes. 4. Locality and Scientific Explanation. 5. Fields, Energy, and Momentum. 6. Is There Nothing But Fields? 7. Relativity and the Unification of Electricity and Magnetism. 8. Relativity, Energy, Mass, and the Reality of Fields. 9. Quantum Metaphysics. Final Exam.

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