The Cornelius Quartett

The Cornelius Quartett

Editorial: Gollancz

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Año: 2013

EAN: 9780575092402

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Jerry Cornelius is an English assassin, physicist, rock star, and messiah to the Age of Science. Written between 1965 and 1967, this sequence of four novels relating Cornelius´s adventures has been credited with inspiring dozens of writers and artists to rethink the genre of science fiction. Set in a shifting, fluid version of the counter-culture 1960s, these books were among the most prominent ´New Wave´ SF books. Jerry Cornelius is one of the most remarkable and distinctive characters in Moorcock´s work, and his time-travelling, trippy and bizarre adventures are must-reads. Contains THE FINAL PROGRAMME, A CURE FOR CANCER, THE ENGLISH ASSASSIN and THE CONDITION OF MUZAK...