Images of myths in Classical Antiquity

Images of myths in Classical Antiquity

Editorial: Cambridge UP

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Año: 2003

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Part I. An Introduction: 1. Myths and images; Part II. Transforming Words into Images: 2. Making myths recognisable; 3. Choosing a moment; 4. Epic expansiveness versus tragic focus; Part III. Building Images: 5. Formulas and motifs; 6. Transference of types; 7. Creating compositions; Part IV. Innovations, Developments and Connections: 8. Innovations inspired by poets; 9. Innovations inspired by artists; 10. Changing interests; 11. History and myth in art; 12. Life and myth in art; Part V. Problems: 13. Showing what cannot be seen; 14. Distinguishing one myth from another; 15. Confusing one myth with another; 16. Misunderstandings and muddles; 17. Can the key to an image always be found?; Glossary; Appendices