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Conrad, Peter


  • Editorial: Thames & Hudson
  • Páginas: 592
  • Año: 2007
  • Precio: 9.00 €
  • EAN: 9780500513569

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have debated this fundamental question: did God create man, or did man create God? At the heart of the question lies a debate over who has the right to create, and this has led to a tension between the concept of God on one hand and artists of all types on the other. Sometimes respectful, sometimes antagonistic, this creative rivalry has led to sublime works of painting, poetry, and music.

0 Something from Nothing
1 Meetings with the Maker
3 Out of the Chasm
4 Cubing the Egg
5 In Verbo
6 The Supreme Artisan
7 Another God
8 The Great Work
9 Our Own Unmaking
10 Author of Himself
11 To Create More Worlds
12 Uncreating Words
13 Nature Caught in the Act
14 Jehova, Jupiter, Fu and Brahma
15 Sky Stories
16 Protoplasts
17 The God of Steam
18 Go Forth and Multiply
19 Pangenesis
20 New Eve, Old Adam
21 Begetter and Bearer
22 Deicide
23 Out of the Canyon
24 The First Artists
25 Prime Movers
26 Creatures of Prometheus
27 God´s Finger, Man´s Hand
28 Let There Be Sound
29 Children of Chaos
30 Psychogenesis
31 Creating the Creation
32 World-Building
33 The Bright Destroyer

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