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Spectrum. Heritage Patterns and Colours

  • Editorial: Thames & Hudson
  • Páginas: 255
  • Año: 2018
  • Precio: 31.40 €
  • EAN: 9780500480267

Spectrum offers a fascinating visual analysis of the colour palettes used in furnishing fabrics and wallpapers from the 15th century to the present day. Presented in chronological order, the earliest detail is taken from an early 15th-century embroidery in brick red, dusky pink, sage green, mustard yellow and smoky blue, the last from a graphic wallpaper design of 2009 that combines orange and yellow on a dramatic, dark background. Next to each pattern is a colour grid, which shows the relative proportions of the colours used, each labelled with its CMYK number – a worldwide standard printing code for colour that precisely identifies it. The grid gives a clear understanding of the ways colours have been expertly combined at different periods to create the beautiful designs we admire and emulate today.

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