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Dreyer, J.L.E.

A history of astronomy from Thales to Kepler

  • Editorial: Dover Publications
  • Páginas: 438
  • Año: 2003
  • Precio: 14.22 €
  • Tamaño: 20,3 x 13,7 cm
  • EAN: 9780486600796

In 1905 JLE Dreyer, an astronomer and biographer of Tycho Brahe, published this wonderful overview of the development of western astronomy from the ancient Greeks to the time of Kepler (obviously). To this day (2008) it has not been surpassed by any English-language book. As the original title (History of the Planetary Systems from Thales to Kepler) implies, Dreyer devotes most of his attention to the arrangement and the motions of the planets (this includes the sun up to the 16th century, and the earth for the last part of the book). Although it is sometimes dated, I am continually amazed at the depth as well as breadth of coverage in this highly readable work. It is not too technical, so if you´ve been scared off from the subject by some of the more intensely mathematical works, don´t be afraid to try this. It is a fundamental work on pre-telescopic astronomy: many later authors assume you already know the big picture that Dreyer provides. Other good books of this kind (also available in cheap Dover reprints) are Thomas Heath´s "Aristarchus of Samos" (on ancient Greek astronomy, covers much more than the title implies) and Anton Pannekoek´s "A History of Astronomy" (much better coverage than Dreyer of pre-Greek astronomy, and goes on past the invention of the telescope virtually up to the present).

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