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Human Nature after Darwin. A Philosophical Introduction

  • Editorial: Routledge
  • Páginas: 313
  • Año: 2000
  • Precio: 28.95 €
  • EAN: 9780415212441

An introduction to the implications of the Darwinian revolution for our understanding of human nature. Written for the Open University but specially revised here for non Open University students, it introduces readers step by step to the skills required for thinking clearly and critically about human nature. It also encourages readers to develop the skills of doing philosophy for themselves. With the beginner firmly in mind, Janet Radcliffe Richards introduces readers to the fundamental questions the Darwinian revolution raises for understanding human nature: the scientific basis of the Darwinian revolution and arguments about whether it is "true"; whether human nature can be explained in Darwinian terms; the implications of Darwinism for human freedom and moral responsibility; and how the Darwinian revolution raises questions about political thinking.The book presupposes no prior knowledge of philosophy and by the end of the book readers should be able to: understand and evaluate for themselves Darwin´s arguments and the implications of Darwinism for our understanding of human nature; critically discuss writings by key commentators on Darwinism, such as Richard Dawkins and Stephen Jay Gould; and appraise the implications of Darwinism for ethical thinking. Key features include activities and exercises enabling readers to monitor their progress throughout the book, chapter summaries, and guides to further reading.

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