The New Wittgenstein

The New Wittgenstein

Editorial: Routledge

Páginas: 504

Año: 2000

EAN: 9780415173193

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Excursus on Wittgenstein´s vision of language; Non-cognitivism and rule-following; Wittgenstein´s on rules and platonism; What "There can be no such thing as meaning anything by any word" could possibly mean; Wittgenstein on deconstruction; Wittgenstein´s philosophy in relation to political thougth; Ethics, imagination and the method of Wittgenstein´s Tractatus; Elucidation and nonsense in Frege and early Wittgenstein; Rethinking mathematical necessity; Wittgenstein, mathematics and philosophy; Does Bismarck have a beetle in his box? The private language argument in the Tractatus; How to do things with words: Wittgenstein, Frege and the problem of illogical thought; Conceptions of nonsense in Carnap and Wittgenstein; A dissenting voice: Was he trying to whistle it?