Art History,  Aesthetics, Visual studies

Art History, Aesthetics, Visual studies

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Art history, aesthetics and visual studies today find themselves in contested new philosophical and institutional circumstances. This study explores the connections and differences between these three methods of investigating visual representation.What are the dominant aesthetic assumptions underlying art historical inquiry? How have these assumptions been challenged by visual studies? Are questions of quality, form, content, meaning and spectatorship culturally specific? Can we still define the parameters of what should properly constitute the objects of the history of art? Fifteen scholars answer these and other questions, critically examining the relationships among these three scholarly fields from their founding moments through to their contemporary practices. Defining aesthetics for non-Western studies.
Romare Bearden: African American modernism a Mid- Century
Chaos and Cosmos
National stereotypes, prejudice and aesthetics judments in the historiography of art
Darkness and the demand of time in art
Censorship, authonomy, and artístic form
Danto and Krauss on Cindy Sherman
The aesthetics of difference
Recolections of Rembrandt´s Jereniah
Theory, discipline and istitution, dialects of seeing
Showing seeing: a Critique of visual culture
Current issues in art history
Mixting methaphors and talking about art