Over Here: International Perspectives on Art and Culture

Over Here: International Perspectives on Art and Culture

Editorial: MIT

Páginas: 431

Año: 2005

EAN: 9780262134408

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Backcover: "The new realities of economic globalization have created new conditions for cultural practice. At the same time, the information circuits , designed to promote the generalization of Western culture, have also become incriseasingly available to other, more marginalized art and cultures, enabling the local (or traditional) to circulate on the global stage. New (and culture) travels fast with the help of technology, displacing Western centers of legitimation and meanings. Over here collects writings by curators, critics , and artists living and working outside the mainstream cultural circuits in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middel Est. Witnessing the variety and multiplicity of cultural viewpoints and voices, this books calls for a new critical approach to address new complexities"