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Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research: Scholarly Acts and Creative Cartographies

What is Performance as Research? How is it related to Practice as Research or Practice-based Research in the arts? This book maps out a landscape for Performance as Research in a way that acknowledges the legacies and influences of other practice-based research models and the particular influences of the field of Performance Studies. The intention is to delineate Performance as Research in the US more clearly, and in so doing contribute to discussions around similar work in the UK, Australia, Canada, Finland, China, and elsewhere. The essays in the first section offer perspectives for understanding the interrelated but different developments of Practice as Research and Performance as Research within different geographical and disciplinary contexts, and for comparing the institutionalization of such research approaches in the arts and new humanities. The central section offers a series of essays on useful research terms, and the final section provides examples of Performance as Research work in a broad range of courses in the humanities, from music to theatre, from the visual arts to performance art, new media, and technology, and concludes with a series of commentaries on the scholarly interactions and contributions of such research productions

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