The Old Regime and the Revolution. Volume I

The Old Regime and the Revolution. Volume I

Editorial: Chicago

Páginas: 451

Año: 1998

EAN: 9780226805306

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The Old Regime and the Revolution is Alexis de Tocqueville´s great meditation on the origins and meanings of the French Revolution. One of the most profound and influential studies of this pivotal event, it remains a relevant and stimulating discussion of the problem of preserving individual and political freedom in the modern world. Alan Kahan´s translation provides a faithful, readable rendering of Tocqueville´s last masterpiece, and includes notes and variants which reveal Tocqueville´s sources and include excerpts from his drafts and revisions. The introduction by France´s most eminent scholars of Tocqueville and the French Revolution, Françoise Mélonio and the late François Furet, provides a brilliant analysis of the work.