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Steinbock, Bonnie

The oxford handbook of Bioethics

Thirty-four contributors reflect the interdisciplinarity that is characteristic of bioethics, and its increasingly international character. Thirty topics are covered in original essays written by some of the world´s leading figures in the field, as well as by some newer ´up-and-comers´. The essays address both perennial issues, such as the methodology of bioethics, autonomy, justice, death, and moral status, and newer issues, such as biobanking, stem cell research, cloning, pharmacogenomics, and bioterrorism. Other topics concern mental illness and moral agency, the rule of double effect, justice and the elderly, the definition of death, organ transplantation, feminist approaches to commodification of the body, life extension, advance directives, physician-assisted death, abortion, genetic research, population screening, enhancement, research ethics, and the implications of public and global health for bioethics.

Part 1: Theoretical and Methodological Issues 1. Methods in Bioethics , James Childress
2. The Way We Reason Now: Reflective Equilibrium in Bioethics , John Arras
3. Autonomy , Bruce Jennings
4. Mental Disorder, Moral Agency, and the Self , Jeanette Kennett
5. ´Reinventing´ the Rule of Double Effect , Daniel Sulmasy
Part 2: Justice and Policy
6. Policy-Making in Pluralistic Societies , Søren Holm
7. . Tiers Without Tears: The Ethics of a Two-Tiered Health Care System , Benjamin J. Krohmal and Ezekiel J. Emanuel
8. Justice and the Elderly , Dennis McKerlie
Part 3: Bodies and Bodily Parts
9. Organ Transplantation , Ronald Munson
10. Biobanking , John Harris and Louise Irving
11. For Dignity or Money: Feminists on the Commodification of Women´s Reproductive Labour , Carolyn McLeod
Part 4: The End of Life
12. The Definition of Death , Stuart Youngner
13. The Aging Society and the Expansion of Senility: Biotechnological and Treatment Goals , Stephen Post
14. Death is a Punch in the Jaw: Life-Extension and its Discontents , Felicia Nimue Ackerman
15. Precedent Autonomy, Advance Directives, and End-of-Life Care , John K. Davis
16. Physician-Assisted Death: The State of the Debate , Gerald Dworkin
Part 5: Reproduction and Cloning
17. Abortion Revisited , Don Marquis
18. Moral Status, Moral Value, and Human Embryos: Implications for Stem Cell Research , Bonnie Steinbock
19. Therapeutic Cloning: Politics and Policy , Andrea Bonnicksen
Part 6: Genetics and Enhancement
20. Population Genetic Research and Screening: Conceptual and Ethical Issues , Eric Juengst
21. Enhancement , Thomas Murray
22. Genetic Interventions and the Ethics of Enhancement of Human Beings , Julian Savulescu
23. Pharmacogenomics: Ethical and regulatory issues , Matthew DeCamp and Allen Buchanan
Part 7: Research Ethics
24. Clinical Equipoise: Foundational Requirement or Fundamental Error , Alex John London
25. Research on Cognitively Impaired Adults , Jason Karlawish
26. Research in Developing Countries , Florencia Luna
27. Animal Experimentation , Alastair Norcross
Part 8: Public and Global Health
28. The Implications of Public Health for Bioethics , Jeffrey Kahn and Anna Mastroianni
29. Global Health , Ruth Macklin
30. Bioethics and Bioterrorism , Jonathan Moreno

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