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Goodman, Martin (ed.)

Jews in a Graeco-Roman World

This book contains studies of the social, cultural, and religious history of the Jews in the Graeco-Roman world. Some of the sixteen contributors are specialists in Jewish history, others in classics. They tackle from different angles the extent to which Jews in this period differed from other peoples in the Mediterranean region, and how much Jewish evidence can be used for the history of the wider classical world.The authors make extensive use not only of types of evidence familiar to classicists, such as inscriptions and the writing of Josephus, but also Jewish religious literature, including rabbinic texts. The various studies demonstrate that, although Jews lived to some extent apart from others and with distinctive customs, in many ways this showed the cultural presuppositions and preoccupations of their gentile contemporaries.The book aims to encourage wider use of the Jewish evidence by classicists and will be important for all students of the classical world.
Contents: PART I: THE HELLENISTIC AND ROMAN WORLD - JEWISH PERSPECTIVES; 1. Jews, Greeks, and Romans; 2. Jews, Greeks, and Romans in the Third Sibylline Oracle; 3. The hellenization of Jerusalem and Shechem; 4. Josephus´ Tobiads; PART II: SOCIAL INTEGRATION?; 5. Jewish and Christian Communities in Southern Palestine; 6. ´And he made his grave with the wicked´; PART III: SIMILARITIES?; 7. Graeco-Roman Voluntary Associations and Jewish Sects; 8. Antichrist among Jews and Gentiles; 9. Rhetoric and assumptions: Romans and Rabbis on Sex; 10. Gambling in Ancient Jewish Society and in the Graeco-Roman World; 11. The Rabbis and the Documents; 12. Jewish Penal Authority in Roman Judaea; PART IV: DIFFERENCES?; 13. Synagogue Leadership in the Diaspora and Palestine; 14. The Structure of the Jewish Community in Rome; 15. The Gifts of God at Sardis; 16. Dissonance and Misinterpretation in Jewish-Roman Relations.

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