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Harrison, S.J. (ed.)

Texts, Ideas and the classics. Scholarship, theory and classical literature

Pindar meets Plato: Theory, Language, Values, and the Classics; Metatext and his Functions in Greek Lyric Poetry; Picturing the Future: The Proleptic Ekphrasis from Homer to Vergil; The Anachronical Structure of Herodotus´ "Histories"; The Snares of the Odyssey: A Feminist and Narratological Reading; The Crossing; Seneca´s "Epistles" Reclassified; A False Dilemma: Thucydides´ "History" and Historicism; Polybius/Walbank; Giants on the Shoulders of Dwarfs?Considerations on the Value of Renaissance and Early Modern Scholarship for Today´s Classicists; Purity in Danger: The Contextual Life of Savants; Latin Studies in Germany, 1933-1945: Institutional Conditions, Political Pressures, Scholarly Consequences.

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