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Burge, Tyler

Foundations of mind


Foundations of Mind collects the essays which established Tyler Burge as a leading philosopher of mind. This second volume of his papers offers nineteen pieces published between 1975 and 2003, including the influential series that develops anti-individualism. Burge contributes three essay-length postscripts, a substantial new paper on consciousness, and an introduction which surveys his work in this area. The foundations that Burge reflects on are conditions in the individual or the wider world that determine the natures of mental kinds. The conditions include causal, social, psychological conditions, and conditions of phenomenal consciousness. Some of these are basic conditions under which minds are possible. The book is essential reading for philosophers of mind, and should engage a wider public interested in basic philosophical issues.

1. On Knowledge and Convention (1975)
2. Kaplan, Quine, and Suspended Belief (1977)
3. Belief De Re (1977)
4. Postscript: Belief De Re (2006)
5. Other Bodies (1982)
6. Individualism and the Mental (1979)
7. Postscript: Individualism and the Mental (2006)
8. Two Thought Experiments Reviewed (1982)
9. Cartesian Error and the Objectivity of Perception (1986)
10. Authoritative Self-Knowledge and Perceptual Individualism (1988)
11. Individualism and Psychology (1986)
12. Intellectual Norms and Foundations of Mind (1986)
13. Wherein Is Language Social? (1989)
14. Concepts, Definitions, and Meaning (1993)
15. Social Anti-Individualism, Objective Reference (2003)
16. Individuation and Causation in Psychology (1989)
17. Intentional Properties and Causation (1995) 18. Mind-Body Causation and Explanatory Practice (1993)
19. Postscript: Mind-Body Causation and Explanatory Practice (2006)
20. Two Kinds of Consciousness (1995 in German; 1997 in English)
21. Further Thoughts on Two Kinds of Consciousness (2006)
22. Descartes on Anti-Individualism (2003, slightly supplemented 2006)
23. Philosophy of Mind: 1950-2000 (1992, addenda 2005)

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