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Moody, David

Ezra Pound: Poet Vol:III: The Tragic Years 1939-1972

This third and final volume of A. David Moody´s critical life of Ezra Pound presents Pound´s personal tragedy in a tragic time. The first volumes of Moody´s biography have been acclaimed as ´masterly´ (Daily Telegraph), ´exceptional´ (Literary Review), and ´invaluable´ (New York Times Book Review). In this concluding volume, we experience the 1939-1945 World War, and Pound´s hubristic involvement in Fascist Italy´s part in it; we encounter the grave moral and intellectual error of Pound holding the Jewish race responsible for the war; and his consequent downfall, being charged with treason, condemned as an anti-Semite, and shut up for twelve years in an institution for the insane. Further, we see Pound stripped for life, by his own counsel and wife, of his civil and human rights.

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