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Radden, Jennifer

The philosophy of psychiatry

This volume provides a guide to the most important yields of those exchanges. Leading thinkers in this area, including clinicians, philosophers, psychologists, and interdisciplinary teams, provide original discussions that are not only expository and critical, but also a reflection of their authors´ distinctive and often powerful and imaginative viewpoints and theories. All the discussions break new theoretical ground. As befits such an interdisciplinary effort, they are methodologically eclectic, and varied and divergent in their assumptions and conclusions; together, they comprise a significant new exploration, definition, and mapping of the philosophical aspects of psychiatric theory and practice.

Part I - Psychopathology and Normalcy
1. Cognition: Brain Pain: Psychotic Cognition, Hallucination and Delusions , Grant Gillett
2. Affectivity: Depression and Mania , Jennifer Hansen
3. Desire: Paraphilias and Distress in DSM-IV , Alan Soble
4. Character: Moral Treatment and the Personality Disorders , Louis Charland
5. Action: Volitional Disorder and Addiction , Al Mele
6. Self-ascription: Though Insertion , George Graham
7. Memory: The Nature and Significance of Dissociation , Stephen Braude
8. Body: Disorders of Embodiment , Shaun Gallagher and Mette Vaever
9. Identity: Personal Identity, Character Identity and Mental Disorder , Jennifer Radden
10. Development: Disorders of Childhood and Youth , Christian Perring

Part 2 - Epistemology of Practice
11. Diagnosis / Anti-Diagnosis , Sadler
12. Understanding / Explanation , James Phillips
13. Reductionism / Anti-Reductionism , Tim Thornton
14. Facts / Values: Ten Principles of Values-based Medicine , Bill Fulford

Part 3 - Norms, Values and Ethics
15. Gender , Nancy Potter
16. Race and Culture , Marilyn Nissim-Sabat
17. Competence , Charles Culver and Bernard Gert
18. Dangerousness and "the General Duty to All the World" , Daniel Robinson
19. Treatment and Research Ethics , Ruth Chadwick and Gordon Aindow
20. Criminal Responsibility , Simon Wilson and Gwen Adshead
21. Religion , Margaret Battin and Brooke Hopkins

Part 4 - Theoretical Models
22. Darwinian: Darwinian Models of Psychotherapy , Dominic Murphy
23. Psychoanalytic: Freud´s Debt to Philosophy and his Copernican Revolution , Bettina Bergo
24. Phenomenological: Hermeneutics, Understanding and Interpretation in Psychiatry , Michael Schwartz and Osborne Wiggins
25. Neurobiological , Andrew Garner and Valerie Hardcastle
26. Cognitive-Behavioral: Cognitive-behavior Therapy , Edward Erwin
27. Social Constructionist , Jennifer Church

Part 5 - Circumscribing Mental Disorder
28. Benchmarks for Psychiatric Concepts , Rom Harre
29. Defining Mental Disorder , Bernard Gert and Charles Culver
30. Mental Health and Its Limits , Carl Elliot

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