Music: A Very Short Introduction

Music: A Very Short Introduction

Editorial: Oxford

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Año: 2000

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This stimulating Very Short Introduction to music invites us to really think about music and the values and qualities we ascribe to it. The world teems with different kinds of music-traditional, folk, classical, jazz, rock, pop-and each type of music tends to come with its own way of thinking. Drawing on a wealth of accessible examples ranging from Beethoven to the Spice Girls to Chinese zither music, Nicholas Cook attempts to provide a framework for thinking about all music. By examining the personal, social, and cultural values that music embodies, the book reveals the shortcomings of traditional conceptions of music, and sketches a more inclusive approach emphasizing the role of performers and listeners. Contents: Introduction; 1. Musical Values; 2. Back to Beethoven; 3. A State of Crisis?; 4. An Imaginary Object; 5. A Matter of Representation; 6. Music and the Academy; 7. Music and Gender; Conclusion; References; Index