Flesh in the age of resason

Flesh in the age of resason

Prólogo: Foreword by Simon Schama

Editorial: Penguin

Páginas: 574

Año: 2003

EAN: 9780140167351

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In this book, the late historian Roy Porter traces the course of man´s philosophical journey from the superstitious, spiritually obsessed Dark Ages to our modern perspective, based on reason and grounded in the body. He demonstrates how the explosion of rational thought and scientific innovation during the Enlightenment began to change our understanding of the flesh and its relation to the soul. No longer simply a "mortal coil," the body eventually became the location, and source, of our conscious selves. Porter examines this paradigm shift through the eyes of the great thinkers of history, from Descartes to Voltaire to Lord Byron, summarizing and explicating their beliefs