The World the Text and the Critic

The World the Text and the Critic

Editorial: Vintage

Páginas: 324

Año: 1991

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Contents: Introduction.1. Secular Criticism; 2. The World, the Text, and the Critic. 3. Swift´s Tory Anarchy 4. Swift as Intellectual. 5. Conrad: The Presentation of Narrative. 6. On Repetition. 7. On Originality. 8. Roads Taken and Not Taken in Contemporary Criticism.9. Reflections on American "Left" Criticism. 10. Criticism Between Culture and System. 11.Traveling Theory. 12. Raymond Schwab and the Romance of Ideas. 13. Islam, Philology, and French Culture. 14. Renan and Massignon. Conclusion: Religious Criticism:290-292.