Against Interpretation

Against Interpretation

Editorial: Vintage

Páginas: 304

Año: 2001

EAN: 9780099387312

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I. Against interpretation
On style
II. The artist as exemplary sufferer
Simone Weil
Camus´ Notebooks
Michel Leiris´ Manhood
The anthropologist as hero
The literary criticism of Georg Lukácks
Sartre´s Saint Genet
Nathalie Sarrauten and the novel
III. Ionesco
Reflections on The Deputy
The death of tragedy
Going to the theater, etc.
Marat / Sade / Artaud
IV. Spiritual style in the films of Robert Bresson
Godard´s Vivre sa vie
The imagination of disaster
Jack Smith´s Flaming creatures
Resnais´ Muriel
A note on novels and films
V. Piety without content
Psychoanalysis and Norman O. Brown´s Life Against Death
Happenings: an art of radical yuxtaposition
NOtes on "Camp"
One culture and the new sensibility