The Pedant in the Kitchen

The Pedant in the Kitchen

Editorial: Atlantic

Páginas: 136

Año: 2012

EAN: 9780857896544

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"The Pedant´s ambition is simple. He wants to cook tasty, nutritious food; he wants not to poison his friends; and he wants to expand, slowly and with pleasure, his culinary repertoire. A stern critic of himself and others, he knows he is never going to invent his own recipes (although he might, in a burst of enthusiasm, increase the quantity of a favourite ingredient). Rather, he is a recipe-bound follower of the instructions of others. It is in his interrogations of these recipes, and of those who create them, that the Pedant´s true pedantry emerges. How big, exactly, is a ´lump´? Is a ´slug´ larger than a ´gout´? When does a ´drizzle´ become a downpour? And what is the difference between slicing and chopping?This book is a witty and practical account of Julian Barnes´ search for gastronomic precision...