Gulag. A history of the Soviet camps

Gulag. A history of the Soviet camps

Editorial: Planeta

Páginas: 610

Año: 2003

EAN: 9780713993226

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The origins of the gulag, 1917-1939: Bolshevik beginnings; "The First Camp of the Gulag"; 1929 - the great turning point: the White Sea canal; the camps expand; the great terror and its aftermath. Life and work in the camps: arrest; prison; transport, arrival, selection; life in the camps; work in the camps; punishment and reward; the guards; the prisoners; women and children; the dying; strategies of survival; rebellion and escape. The rise and fall of the camp-industrial complex, 1940-1986: the war begins; "strangers"; amnesty - and afterwards; the zenith of the camp-industrial complex; the death of Stalin; the Zeks´ revolution; thaw - and release; the era of the dissidents; the 1980 - smashing statues.