The Electra plays.

The Electra plays.

Editorial: Hacker

Año: 2009

EAN: 9780872209640

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"Today good reading and effective performance of ancient drama require a constellation of talents to succeed, and in the four brought together for The Electra Plays we are getting some of the best. Justina Gregory provides a fine critical Introduction to the whole project, and the performance-tested translations of Peter Meineck, Cecelia Eaton Luschnig, and Paul Woodruff are wonderfully readable and speakable -- even when the events to be spoken of are not. This is not the usual random gathering of plays, but a volume with a concentrated focus on the three playwrights´ treatment of the same events in the House of Atreus. There are parallels and profound differences, all of them endlessly discussable. This ensemble of plays and the team that made it should appeal to anyone interested in Greek literature, theater history, or mythology".