Renew Marxist Art History

Renew Marxist Art History

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Año: 2014

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From the early decades of the twentieth century until the 1980s, Marxist art history was at the forefront of radical approaches to the discipline. But in the last two decades of the century and into the next, Marxist art historians found themselves marginalized from the vanguard by the rise of postmodernism and identity politics. In the wake of the recent global crisis there has been a resurgence of interest in Marx. This collection of essays, a festschrift in honor of leading Marxist art historian Andrew Hemingway, brings together 30 academics who are reshaping art history along Marxist lines. The essayists include Matthew Beaumont, Warren Carter, Michael Corris, Gail Day, Paul Jaskot, Stewart Martin, Frederic J. Schwartz, Caroline Arscott, Steve Edwards, Charles Ford, Brian Foss, Tom Gretton, Alan Wallach, Michael Bird, Martin I. Gaughan, Barnaby Haran and Fred Orton, among others.