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Val del Omar. Overflow

  • La Central del Museo Reina SofíaInmediata
  • La Central de CallaoInmediata
  • La Central del MUHBA4 / 5 días
  • La Central del Raval4 / 5 días
  • La Central (c/Mallorca)4 / 5 días

Catalogue of the exhibition (MNCARS October 5- February 28, 2011). The exhibition that gives place to this catalogue is the first occasion to expose José Val del Omar discourse as a filmmaker, photographer, plastic artist, technician and inventor. This publication also places him in the proper methodological space for his unclassifiable art: his relationship with the French avant-garde, his status as a transgenerational figure (pioneer in the avant-garde and active during the development of video film), his role in the Educational Missions, his own educational project, and his work with collage, are just some of the aspects used to build a legacy in this volume, apparently made out of scraps.

Jose Val del Omar cannot be described as having had a very specific metier, although his main interest was film. He belonged to a generation that believed in the cinema as an art in its own right, rather than as the opium of the people.

Authors: Francisco Baena, Thomas Beard, Eugeni Bonet, Nocole Brenez, Javier Codesal, Víctor Erice. Horacio Fernández, Pedro G. Romero, Pedro Jiménez, Carlos Muguiro, Javier Ortiz-Echagüe, Manuel Palacio, Carmen Pardo, Gonzalo Sáenz de Buruaga and Manuel Villegas.

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