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Robles Tardío, Rocío

Picasso. Guernica, 1937. Cuadernos Postal (eng)

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Each Cuaderno Postal contains 1 book, 6 postcards and a poster. In January 1937, Picasso accepted the commission to paint a mural for the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris International Exposition of 1937, the theme of which was Art and Industry Applied to Modern Life. He was visited at his house on Rue de la Boétie by Max Aub, cultural attaché at the Spanish Embassy, along with Josep Lluís Sert and Luis Lacasa, the architects of the Spanish Pavilion, and the poet Juan Larrea, who was in charge of public relations at the Embassy. They asked him to translate into an image the drama of their homeland, enmeshed in the throes of the Civil War that had broken out six months earlier when a section of the armed forces had risen up against the elected government of the Republic.

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