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Encyclopedia of Furniture Materials,Trades and Techniques

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A work of reference for furniture historians and anyone interested in the fine and decorative arts, this volume offers a comprehensive account of historical and modern furniture manufacture. In more than 1700 entries, Clive Edwards brings together information on a huge range of topics, among them, Applied Decoration, Carving, Chair-making, Embroidery, Finishing, Glass, Lacquer, Leather, Paper, Plastics, Timber, Tools, Trades, Stone, Upholstery techniques, Wicker and Zips. In-depth coverage includes developments in Britain and America from the Renaissance to the present day. The increasingly international nature of the furniture industry extends this account to include the origin of materials and processes throughout the world. Contemporary descriptions, accounts and inventories provide context. The readable volume also offers insights into the social status of furniture, the economic history of the industry and the lives of the craftsmen and craftswomen working within it. Each entry is cross-referenced to related topics and includes major bibliographical references. The entries are supported by 150 b&w illustrations and 24 colour plates.

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