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Nuttall, Jon

An introduction to philosophy

  • Editorial: Polity Press
  • Páginas: 254
  • Año: 2002
  • Precio: 26.23 €
  • EAN: 9780745616636

This textbook is an accessible introduction to philosophy. From the fundamental issues of philosophical thought to the latest theories in the philosophy of mind, An Introduction to Philosophy provides discussions of the key areas of philosophy for beginning students. The book begins by introducing the main concerns of modern philosophy through a discussion of Descartes´ Meditations; the aim is to engage students with the tools of philosophy so that they can then tackle philosophical arguments themselves. After this, the reader is taken through a series of chapters on perception, epistemology, metaphysics, the mind, the philosophy of religion, ethics, and political philosophy. Throughout, the emphasis is on contemporary issues and current debates which are explained simply but without being simplified. Jon Nuttall stresses the links between all of the branches of philosophy as well as showing what is particular to each. In order to engage and encourage the reader, the book contains numerous learning features such as introductions, summaries, questions, and further reading.

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